Indrajit Roy is a Senior Staff Tech Lead at Google. At Google, Indrajit manages the Napa team which created and manages a peta-byte scale data warehouse for Google Ads, payments, and other critical services (see our VLDB'21 Napa paper). Previously, he was a Principal Researcher at HP Labs (2010-2016) where he led the development of DistributedR for the Vertica database. Indrajit received his Ph.D. in computer science from UT Austin, under the supervision of Prof. Emmett Witchel, and his B.Tech. degree from IIT Kanpur.

Email: indrajitroy[at]google[dot]com

Recent projects

Napa : Peta byte scale Google data warehouse, with a focus on materialized views.

NVThreads : Persistence for applications using non-volatile memory


I led the development of Distributed R, an open source HPE project that brings the benefits of parallelism to data scientists.

We released ddR, a CRAN package for Distributed Data-structures in R (HPE Blog).

Airavat : Security and privacy for MapReduce using differential privacy

Laminar : Integrates OS and JVM techniques to implement information flow control

Professional activities

PC Member:




At HP Labs, I was fortunate to work with very productive interns who also made research enjoyable.

  • Terry Hsu (Purdue)

  • Pravin Shinde (ETH)

  • Kyungyong Lee (UFL), Sangman Kim (UT Austin)

  • Feng Liu (Princeton), Erik Bodzsar (UChicago)

  • Shivaram Venkataraman (UC Berkeley), Michael Lee (UCSD)



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  • Protecting Sensitive Information from Untrusted Code. Indrajit Roy. Ph.D. Thesis, Department of Computer Science, UT Austin. August, 2010.


  • Best paper awards at the international Middleware conference 2013 and Computing Frontiers 2016


7 awarded, 10+ pending